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Dear Mathematics Educators,

Term 1 is a busy time for you all, as it is for us. Our VCE Professional Learning program is in full swing, there are still a number of events to go including the regional ones, so book now to secure your place.

Tickets for our Escher X nendo exhibition event are selling well, and we would love more people to join us on the 22nd March for this fantastic opportunity. This is suitable for teachers from F to Year 12 or anyone with an interest in the mathematics behind the artwork. See below for more information.

And we also now have a good mix on online and face-to-face professional learning for all teachers from F to Year 10. Coming up in March are some very well thought out sessions:

  • The first of our online sessions by Di Siemon is on Wednesday 6th March, on Evidenced-based resources to support mathematical reasoning. Don’t miss this opportunity.
  • Following this on Tuesday 12th March is an online session by Duncan Symons from the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, on Integrated STEM across the curriculum for primary to middle years teachers.
  • Helen Haralambous will then deliver an online session, Inquisitive, Inspiring Warm Ups for secondary teachers on Thursday 28th March.

Finally, we have just opened applications for the 2019 Maths Camp! Read more below.

Find out about all of these and even more below.


Peter Saffin



Escher X nendoESCHER X NENDO – Between two worlds exhibition

A Special event for Mathematics Educators!

MAV in partnership with La Trobe University and NGV are pleased to announce a special Friday evening event at the ESCHER X NENDO – Between two worlds exhibition.  

Dr Katherine Seaton,(Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, La Trobe University) will deliver a special lecture on the mathematics of the exhibition. You will also enjoy entry to the exhibition and a networking opportunity. We look forward to a most enjoyable evening! Places are limited so book now.

Cost: A discounted rate of $40 including a drink voucher.

Friday 22nd March:

6.15pm   Arrival at the North Entrance
6.30pm   Lecture in the Education Theatre
7.30pm   Entry into NGV – drink voucher provided
LTU large8.00pm   Viewing of ESCHER X NENDO | Between Two Worlds

Places are limited so book now.



Maths Camp 1Maths camp for High Mathematics Potential Rural and Regional 2019 Year 10 Students

Applications are now open for the 2019 Maths camp for high Mathematics potential rural and regional Year 10 students. Feedback from previous students demonstrates they have an awesome experience!

The highly successful and popular camp has been made possible through Victorian Department of Education and Training, Strategic Partnership Program funding. The mathematics camp brings together year 10 high potential rural and regional students to experience what a career in some of the most exciting organisations in the STEM industry look like.

24 students will be selected via an application process to participate in a 4 and half day camp in metropolitan Melbourne to be held during the first week of the Term 2 school holidays (Monday 1st – Friday 5th July).

The aim of the program is to provide a chance for students to gather with like-minded peers and work in small groups to explore and complete a hands-on, real world industry Mathematics based project.

Maths Camp 2MAV has partnered with four mathematical based industries. Each industry partner will provide students with a project investigation and students will receive daily mentoring by mathematicians and industry representatives.

The week will culminate in students presenting their project findings in the presence of the industry partners, invited guests and parents.

Applications close: Friday 5th April.

For further information and to download an application click here.


MAV 2019 Membership


Membership renewals are due now. Please ensure you pay asap to have ongoing access to member benefits in 2019. Membership benefits will expire on 28th February if not paid.

Thank you to those who have already renewed, we appreciate your support greatly!

You can renew or join online here.

For any issues related to renewing your membership contact Michael Green, at mgreen@mav.vic.edu.au.


VCE Professional Learning

Our VCE program is open for bookings, and some sessions have been delivered but there are still more to come. Sessions include:

  • VCE Mathematics Day out: Includes both Meet the Assessors and SAC workshops in all three studies - Further, Methods and Specialist Mathematics. Workshop participants will receive a copy of the MAV solutions to the 2018 VCAA Exam and a copy of the MAV SACs relevant to the workshops attended.
  • Meet the Assessors workshops
  • SAC Workshops

Select your dates and locations:

Burwood 4th and 6th March (Bookings close soon!)
Wangaratta 12th March
Lalor 14th March
Williamstown 18th March
Horsham 19th March
Geelong 20th March
Terang 25th March and 3rd April
Burwood 26th and 27th March

Book for your selected sessions at https://registration.mav.vic.edu.au/Reg/


P to 10 Professional Learning

We have bookings open for a number of 2019 professional learning events, with workshops run by a number of leading mathematics educators.

Professional Learning Description Details

Primary Mathematics: Engaging Teachers and Engaging Students

Book now

In this one-day workshop participants will participate in an in-depth exploration of student and teacher engagement with mathematics. The Proficiencies: problem solving, reasoning, understanding, and fluency will feature as a critical pathway for student engagement. Links to mathematics education theory and research will be provided to support the argument that the Proficiencies and the General Capabilities should form the foundation of all mathematics teaching and learning activities. During the workshop participants will engage with a range of mathematical tasks that promote each of the Proficiencies in ways that promote sustained engagement and deeper learning of mathematical concepts. A range of tasks from short lesson starters through to rich tasks and problem solving activities will be investigated along with technology enhanced activities. Participants will also be provided with an opportunity to design a set of open-ended tasks that they will be able to take away and use immediately.

Date: Monday 20th May
Time: 9.00am to 3.30pm
Location: Community Hub at the Dock (Docklands)
Who should attend:  
Teachers of Foundation to Year 6
Presenter: Catherine Attard

Catherine Attard


Evidenced-based resources to support mathematical reasoning in Years 5 to 10

Book now

This session will provide an overview of the evidenced-based resources produced by the Reframing Mathematical Futures II (RMFII) project to support the teaching and learning of mathematical reasoning in years 5 to 10. It will briefly describe the SNMY project which developed similar evidenced-based resources to support a targeted teaching approach to multiplicative thinking then look at the tasks used to develop the learning progressions for algebraic, geometrical and statistical reasoning. Participants will have an opportunity to explore the formative assessment options and teaching advice for mathematical reasoning produced as a result of the project.

Online only event
Date: Wednesday 6th March
Time: 3.15pm to 5.00pm
Cost: $10 per attendee
Who should attend:
Teachers of Years 5 to 10
Presenter: Prof Di Siemon

Di Siemen

Integrated STEM

Book now

This session is a beginner’s guide to teaching and learning using an Integrated STEM pedagogy. The session will firstly conceptualise this approach to teaching and learning. This will be followed by a discussion of the rationale for Integrated STEM. Participants will then be offered a framework by which Integrated STEM based lesson sequences can be planned for. The session will conclude with key considerations and an opportunity for questions/ discussion.

Online or face to face at MAV!

Date: Tuesday 12th March
Time: 4.00pm to 5.00pm
Cost: $10 per attendee
Who should attend:
Teachers of Primary to Middle years
Presenter: Duncan Symons


Formative Assessment: the key to improving learning outcomes in mathematics F to 9

Book now

This full day professional learning program will provide an overview of formative assessment. What it is and isn’t and what is needed to implement a targeted teaching approach to mathematics in Years F to 9. It will introduce participants to the tools and advice available on the DET website to support a formative assessment approach. That is, the Assessment for Common Misunderstandings (AfCM) and the Scaffolding Numeracy in the Middle Years (SNMY) materials. A brief overview will also be provided of the evidenced-based resources produced as a result of the recent Reframing Mathematical Futures II project on mathematical reasoning.

Date: Tuesday 4th June
Time: 9.00pm to 3.00pm
Location: Sunshine Secondary College
Who should attend:
Teachers of Years F  to 9
Presenter: Prof Di Siemon

Di Siemen


Inquisitive, Inspiring Warm Ups

Book now

A key component to engaging students is to get them hooked in at the beginning of the lesson. In this hands-on workshop, participants will explore activities that will warm up students in readiness for the lesson. The activities have potential to cater a multiple-levels and engage all students. The session will be presented in front of a live audience at MAV and also streamed live via Cisco. Participants can choose to participate onsite at MAV or participate via Cisco.

Online or face to face at MAV!

Date: Thursday 28th March
Time: 4.00pm to 5.00pm
Who should attend:
Teachers of Year 7 to 10
Presenter: Helen Haralambous

Introduction to Coding with the TI Nspire

Book now

This is a beginner’s introductory session on coding using the TI Nspire. It is aimed at teachers who have not had much (or any) experience with programming in the past and would like some ideas of how to use it in their classrooms.
Participants will be stepped through the creation of a simple program.
It is advised that participants have a TI Nspire CAS handheld or computer software with them. Note: the computer software would be better as it’s a lot quicker to work with.    
Online or face to face at various locations!

Date: Tuesday 3rd April
Time: 4.00pm to 5.00pm
Who should attend:
Teachers of Year 9 to VCE
Presenter: Danijela Draskovic

Texas Instruments

Structuring lessons and sequences to challenge and engage all students

Book now

Using specific examples, Peter will outline the principles of lesson design and also the nature of learning sequences that build on those lessons. The notion is that students can be productively engaged in working on challenging tasks, appropriately differentiated, and incorporated into cumulative sequences. The approach includes attention to the main mathematical ideas, the classroom pedagogies, the student disposition, and effective assessment of student learning.

Date: Wednesday 24th April
Time: 9.00am to 3.00pm
Location: Fintona Girls' School, Balwyn
Who should attend:
Teachers of Year 7 to 10
Presenter: Peter Sullivan

Peter Sullivan



To find out about becoming a Maths Active School click here.

Challenge: Survive and Thrive! A Day for Maths Active Schools

Book now

It is one thing to survive, but another to thrive! This whole day event will focus on how to embrace challenge to maximise teacher and student engagement and learning. The day will commence with Peter Sullivan focusing on developing lessons and sequences to challenge and engage students. The middle of the day will consist of a structured feedback session for schools to provide input into how they overcome leadership and teacher level challenges. The day will conclude with mathematician Noman Do. Norm will engage participants with the beauty and elegance of mathematics. This will be a hands and interactive day.

Date: Tuesday 30th April
Time: 9.00am to 3.15pm
Location: Community Hub at the Dock (Docklands)
Who should attend:
Teachers of Year F to 10
Maths Active Schools only.
Presenters: Peter Sullivan with Norman Do

Peter SullivanNorman Do


Professional Reading

Considering your approach to professional learning? MAV believes these ten principles are still current, and worth taking into account in your PL program design: Ten key principles from research for the professional development of mathematics teachers, by Doug Clarke ACU.

There is often intense pressure for high-achieving students to chase careers with high salaries and "not waste" their ATARs. Meet the students bucking this trend. The Age.

Morris Kline, a renowned mathematician, talks about concepts of mathematics, the new math, and God in a vintage interview. Click here to view.

Opinion on ABC news: These are the jobs that will still exist once the robots take over.

Girls and their Mums learn coding for equality. The Age.


Eddie WooMAV18 Conference presentations, watch now!

MAV18 Conference presentations are now available including newly released live recordings from Eddie Woo and Robyn Jorgensen.  (Alongside those made available previously: Alan Finkel and Lynne McClure)

Click here to watch and share the videos.


Important News and Events

VCAL numeracy resourceNew VCAL Numeracy resource

In partnership with Mathematics Association of Victoria the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation have developed a new resource entitled "What are the odds?"

In this unit students will learn about the randomness of gambling games/activities along with the limited chances of winning, given the size of gambling losses in Australia and the difficulty in predicting outcomes.

Students will gain an understanding:

  • that 'chance has no memory'
  • that many gambling games involve random processes
  • how gambling agencies/venues make profits
  • of why gambling responsibly is important

Within the unit of work spreadsheets are provided for demonstrating gambling outcomes and data.

PowerPoint presentations have been developed that provide teachers and students with an overview of each of the units of work.

To view this resource and other curriculum resources please visit https://responsiblegambling.vic.gov.au/reducing-harm/schools/resources-teachers/


MAV to exhibit at National Future Schools:

National FutureSchools Expo Conference

Did you know we will be exhibiting at National FutureSchools Expo + Conferences next month in Melbourne?

National FutureSchools Expo + Conferences from 20-21st March at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre is all about K-12 education; consisting of one central exhibition and six parallel conferences designed to tackle six specific areas of the future school.

MAV will be demonstrating best practice in maths education, and can provide you with advice in relation to in-school support, resources and various other activities we run.

You can visit us at the Expo for FREE. Book your ticket here:  https://www.eiseverywhere.com/331443?categoryid=2518490&discountcode=MAV

We have worked with National FutureSchools to subsidise registration costs to offer a 15% discount code so you too can attend the pre-event Masterclasses or Conferences to learn about new developments and technologies from over 150 leading speakers from Australia and around the world.

Simply quote “MAV15” or use the following link when registering to get your discount:  https://www.eiseverywhere.com/331443?discountcode=MAV15


42nd Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia (MERGA) Conference 2019.

Join mathematic educators and academics at MERGA 42 Conference held from 30 June-4 July, 2019 at Curtin University Perth, Western Australia. For more information please visit http://www.promaco.com.au/events/MERGA/.

MERGA Conference




Foundations of Primary Mathematics Education

Foundations of Primary Mathematics EducationAn introductory guide for primary teachers covering the principles of effective pedagogy and explaining the core content of the primary mathematics curriculum.
Many pre-service teachers admit to feeling unsure about the mathematics they will have to teach in primary school. Others find it difficult to know how to apply the theories of teaching and learning they study in other courses to the teaching of mathematics.
This book begins by outlining some of the key considerations of effective mathematics teaching and learning. These include understanding student motivation, classroom management, overcoming maths anxiety and developing a positive learning environment. The authors also introduce the curriculum and assessment processes, and explore the use of ICT in the maths classroom. Part B outlines in a straightforward and accessible style the mathematical content knowledge required of a primary teacher. The content extends beyond the primary level to Year 9 of the Australian Curriculum as, while primary teachers may not have to teach this content, knowing it is a key part of being a strong teacher and will assist pre-service teachers to meet the requirements of the LANTITE (the Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education students).

Author: John West, Fiona Budgen

Member price: $46.48

Why we love this book: Featuring graphics and worked examples and using clear and friendly language throughout, this is the essential introduction for people wishing to build confidence and enthusiasm in teaching primary mathematics.

Buy me now!

Numeracy Across the Curriculum

Numeracy Across the CurriculumA guide for teachers on understanding numeracy and its application in both primary and secondary schooling.

Being numerate involves more than mastering basic mathematics. Numeracy connects the mathematics learned at school with out-of-school situations that require capabilities such as problem solving, critical judgment, and sense-making related to non-mathematical contexts.

This book provides prospective and practising teachers with practical, research-based strategies for embedding numeracy across the primary and secondary school curriculum.

Based on the authors’ ten-year research program, the text explains what numeracy is and how numeracy has developed as an educational goal. It describes in detail the five dimensions of the authors’ model: attention to real-life contexts; application of mathematical knowledge; use of physical, representational and digital tools; the promotion of positive dispositions towards the use of mathematics to solve problems encountered in day-to-day life; and a critical orientation to interpreting mathematical results and making evidence-based judgements.

There is guidance on how to embed numeracy across all subjects within the curriculum, how to assess numeracy learning and how to deal with challenges and dilemmas including working with discipline boundaries and developing support resources.

Why we love this book: Featuring practical examples and case studies throughout, this book will build pre-service teacher confidence, demystify common misconceptions and grounds theory into practice in this vital area of student competency.

Author: Merrilyn Goos, Vince Geiger, Shelley Dole, Helen Forgasz, Anne Bennison

Buy me now!

Woo’s Wonderful World of Maths

Woo's Wonderful World of MathsWhy is a rainbow curved? Why aren’t left-handers extinct? How is a sunflower like a synchronised swimmer? Why is ‘e’ a magic number?

The answer to these questions is contained within one simple word: MATHS. Because maths is all about patterns, and our universe is extraordinarily patterned.
With enthusiasm, humour and heart, Eddie Woo shows how card tricks, conspiracy theories, teacups, killer butterflies, music, lightning and so much more illuminate the spellbinding world of maths that surrounds us.

In 2018, Eddie was named Australia’s Local Hero of and shortlisted as one of the top ten teachers in the world.

Member price: $27.29

Buy me now!

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