MAV19 Conference - Making+Connections

Call for Options

Call for Options are now open and will only be accepted online.  Call for Options will close on Friday 14 June 2019.

MAV19 Making+Connections

Making connections is crucial to the success of mathematics education in the future. Mathematics educators need to work together, across schools, with university, industry partners and various other stakeholders. Educators also need to make connections between curriculum, pedagogy, skills and context to ensure student engagement and growth mindsets.

This is a chance for you to share your experiences and knowledge with your colleagues and we encourage you to submit an abstract.

 Call for options now open 


To present at the 2019 conference the following terms need to be agreed to.

  1. Presenters fees:
    1. Presenters must register at a cost of $89.00. (Presenter fee is for the Main presenter and one co-presenter. Other co-presenters will need to register either as a one or two-day delegate)
    2. The presenter fee will include two-day registration, beverages and catering each day, access to the presenters’ lounge, presenter gift, parking on both days and conference satchel.
  2. Acceptance of Offers to present: MAV reserves the right not to accept options in order to meet deadlines and/or maintain quality and balance of the program.
  3. Use of Copyright materials in presentations: All laws, rules and regulations regarding copyright are to be followed.
  4. Commercial Presentations:
    If the purpose of the workshop is to specifically ‘promote’ a product within your session, this must be made clear by ticking “Commercial Presentation” in this application. MAV does not support unsolicited advertising and delegates become irritated when faced with unexpected promotion within their chosen sessions. Presenters who fail to heed this warning may not be permitted to present at future conferences. MAV during its review process has sole discretion and final say as to whether a session should be tagged as commercial.
    MAV may consider a session commercial if for example the presenter does any of the following:
    1. promotes a product as the key reason for the workshop
    2. hands-out material related to their business or products and services
    3. does an activity that is dependent upon a person specifically purchasing a product
    4. undertakes other actions in a workshop, that MAV at its sole discretion considers commercial.

Note that not all sessions that involve commercial products are tagged as commercial. For example, a session run by a teacher that requires delegates to use a specific software or calculator is not necessarily commercial, if the teacher is demonstrating good pedagogy and sharing classroom activities. But a teacher/person working for a software company, promoting the activities in order to sell the software is commercial.

If you are unsure consider the purpose of your workshop and talk to MAV for further information.

  1. Cancellation of presentations:
    1. If you cancel your presentation after the synopsis book has been published the conference committee may suspend your application to present at future conferences.
    2. MAV does not refund presenter fees for any reason if you cancel after your option has been accepted. This is due to the time and cost taken to process options and produce the book, and consequential time spent re-allocating delegates to other sessions upon cancellation.
    3. MAV reserves the right to cancel any presentation if the delegate attendance numbers are less than 10 for that session.
  2. Permission to attend: You MUST have permission from your Principal or organisation to attend the conference BEFORE submitting an option.
  3. Recording: You MUST agree to your presentation being recorded and/or photographed for MAV to use in marketing.
  4. Permission to deliver content: If any of the content or resources of your presentation or workshop may be drawn from a role you perform under contract to a third party (e.g., publisher, government organisation, or examinations board) it is your obligation to inform the third party of the nature of your proposed presentation or workshop and, if required, obtain their consent to your proposed content and use of resources before submitting your proposal to The Mathematical Association of Victoria. Submission of your proposal to The Mathematical Association of Victoria will be taken to mean that you have taken all appropriate steps to determine whether or not the content of your proposed presentation or workshop is or is not drawn from a role you perform under contract to a third party and, if so, that you have, if required, obtained their consent. The Mathematical Association of Victoria will reserve the right to seek recompense in the event that a presentation or workshop is cancelled if it is shown that you have not observed this requirement.

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