Case Study - Jells Park Primary

Maths active schools - Jells Park PS at inside the brickIn July seven teachers from my school headed to Inside the Brick for a Lego PD workshop. Jells Park Primary was recently accredited as a MAV Mathematics Active School (MAS), and this PD was an exclusive opportunity to network with other MAS so we could learn from each another.

Anticipation was high as many of us had fond memories of playing with Lego as kids and we were excited to see how we could incorporate this passion into the classroom in the future. After some short words and stories from MAV CEO Simon Pryor who described his brother stealing his Lego as a child, we began on some rotations.

Our first rotation was making a catapult and attempting to launch a ping pong ball as far as we could across the table. We raced off with some ideas and began testing our apparatuses. I found mine was somewhat successful and began making modifications to lengthen the lever to gain more distance.

In our group we continued to watch each other carefully, taking onboard ideas from each other whilst trying to improve on our previous efforts.

We had a go at making some houses (micro scaling), bridges and watched a demonstration on using computer programming to operate a Lego robotic car. There was a host of excellent and engaging activities from the crew at Inside the Brick, which we have since taken back to our school. Since this Mathematics Active Schools event, we have purchased several Lego kits that have begun to be circulated around the school.

The Year 3/4’s have borrowed some ideas from a Maths Talent Quest project I observed at this year’s judging (judging is a great way to get some fantastic ideas!). We have created a little 2-3 week project that will have students becoming Master Lego Builders. They will be designing and making Lego houses in small groups. The students will then be looking at area, perimeter, money and shape. We were excited to be part of this event and look forward to future PD sessions from MAV!

Maths Active School accreditation is a great way to showcase your schools’ effective mathematics teaching and learning programs. To be accredited, schools must complete an application that will be reviewed by the MAV’s team of mathematical education consultants and the MAV Council.

For further information about Mathematics Active Schools go to or contact Ellen Corovic or 03 9380 2399.

Thanks to Inside the Brick for hosting this PD experience.
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